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Whether you're new to Digital in Sales & Marketing or looking to advance your skills, get to the next level with one of our programmes.


For Consultants

A programme to help consultants to enable your clients to do more with Digital. The programme include certification and a support group.

Digital Action Plan

A programme for business owners and managers wanting to make better use of Digital. The focus is on how you customers buy and how you can help them.

Grow Your Business 

This is your best starting point to both learn and take actions today. It has taken over as our flagship programme. You get access to all our modules, templates and live sessions. You can start with your action plan and use the modules to get things done for your business growth.

Best Value

Grow Your Business Online

A service that is packed with all you need to grow your business online. From the templates to the live sessions we have what you need. All provided in easy to follow setup that is focused on you selecting something to implement that will help sales. We will then work with you to help you succeed.

Unlike other programmes you may have been on, you will implement a lot during the programme.

Take the programme today, you will thank yourself as you see results.


Popular Course

Digital Scorecard for Consultants

The programme of choice for many consultants that wish to support their clients with Digital knowledge. 

Not only will you know more about Digital but you will also be able to help clients review and plan their Digital implementation.


For Companies in Sweden

Your Digital Action Plan

Every business needs to address their use of Digital be that in a full blown Digital Strategy (recommended) or as a starting point an action plan. 

This programme that we run in Sweden will take you through creating a Digital action plan.  It is the first step on how to succeed in today's competitive landscape. We start with a seminar and then 3 workshops.


What Clients Are Saying

Participants in our recent Workshops confirm it helps them with sales (there is a story that I will share with you on the 2 that selected no). For us sales is the measure of success and speaks as to success of our programmes.

"Hi Edward, 
I compared lead numbers for last 20 weeks and we have increased sign ups by 3 times. Thank you! :)

Cecilia Alatalo

E-com Business Owner

"We have found the Digital Scorecard toolset and training has enabled our consultancy business to offer even more value to our clients. Together with Edward we have taken hundreds of companies through our joint effort to great success.!

Givi Kokaia

Senior Consultant

"This has been a real eyeopener
for us. We have connected
Digital with the work we do
every day and it has been
a really meaningful journey.

Gunnel Smedsted


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