Digital (Sales) Booster

We can all do with a boost in knowledge, energy and customers

Join this weekly programme 3 times per month for those that are serious about using Digital for sales growth

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When you join you decide what you want to focus on.


For example you may decide you want to learn or implement something or soak up the knowledge to then apply it  to an aspect of your business.  

You decide with our help and input. 
Then we get to work, together. 
  • You will work along with a number of other companies that have set their goal
  • You get results 
  • You get to see and learn from how others are doing.
  • You achieve something in 8 weeks that you otherwise would not
  • We help and guide you as cover the full programme

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

It is not overnight and as it the reality in life, the more you put in the more you get out. Within 4 weeks you start to see a different view of your business. After 8 weeks you will evaluate and adapt for results.


In The Next 8 week, You Could…

  • Finally have actions to get results 
  • Know how to do this again and again
  • Appeal to your customers

    We do this work in a group setting as a sort of Bootcamp. We will work on how you can get results for you and your business. You will also help others get different which in turn will help you. 


The Get Different Bootcamp


Based on the best seller - Get Different

This 4-week bootcamp is based on the fantastic book by Mike Michalowicz. It is so good we are recommending it as our book for 2022.

All too many great books provide knowledge which is not acted on. Our Implement Great ideas Series is created to correct this wrong.

The bootcamp focuses on finding your different and implementing it. We do this in a small group setting over 4 weeks. We focus on you learning what you  need to know to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of your customers. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find your Different - this is unique to everyone
  • Implement it and get feedback and support
  • Work with others that are also going to be different
  • Enjoy the process
  • Have support even after the programme

With a simple shift in how you view your business and some input from others, you could start to be seen by your customers and be proud and grow your business.

Disclaimer. While Edward is connected to Mike and told him about this programme, Mike has no connection to this programme. He will not be training you. If you want to join one of Mikes programmes you are welcome to do so, he is the best, he did write the book on it. What we will do is work with you in a small group and in an affordable way for most small business owners. 

What's Included In The Digital Booster...

Each session is for 1 hour. We also suggest you spend 1 hour between sessions - that will be enough to get results. We have tasks after most sessions. You decide which ones you want to focus on more.

The sessions are rolling on a 9 week cycle. So you can join at any time and follow the cycle.

The sessions are rolling on a 9 week cycle. So you can join at any time and follow the cycle.


Building a Sales Pipeline

    You will be directed to this session when you sign-up. It is a pre-recorded session to orient you in the programme. For us to be able to help each other we need to get to know each other. This session is designed to also help you get more clarity on your own business. including:

  • Clients: What do they look like and what do they seek
  • How you market today
  • Consider your options
  • Decide on your objective with the programme

    All of this not just sets the scene for us all to help each other but you’ll have spent some time to have a complete picture of your customers and not in a way you have done before.


Analytics & Data

   We discuss the role of analytics in our businesses. Our focus here is strategic and relate to the complete business:

  • What to measure for your business
  • The three most important things a business should measure 
  • What does success look like for your business. 

    You’ll finish this session with a strategic view of your business. This is not an analytics masterclass, this is a business success. We will return to this module in the latter modules also as you work on your business design.


Review Your Sales Pipeline 

    This is a workshop style session where we review each businesses sales pipeline. We learn from each other and also consider the possibilities in our businesses.  This can include:

  • What sales channels you use today, ranging from social to email. We will suggest and help also.
  • What steps your customers take as they buy
  • How you help customers to buy
  • What measure are important for your success  

    You’ll finish this session with a clear view for the various parts of your sales pipeline and how you get customers into your business.

    This session is also to set the scene and helps set in context other modules that you have take or will take. 


Getting Leads

    A review of the options you have for getting leads. We will present and discuss lots of examples from content led to landing pages to events. We will also share our experiences from different industries and promotions. In this session, you’ll:

  • See how different models work
  • Decide on how aggressive you want to be on lead generation
  • Consider how you can do lead generation in your business

    You’ll know what you want to do to get more people interested in what you offer.   


Customers & Sales

    The 2nd most important asset in a business is reviewed in this session. We also provide you with some templates to review your customer base and consider how best to leverage it. You will:

  • Check what sales channels are really working for you
  • How many segments your customer base includes
  • Why they bought from you
  • How you can leverage the customers to get more customers

    You’ll have the opportunity to report back to the group in a round table format. We want you to achieve results and you get to learn from others also. 


Using Social Media

    Social media is a reality for all for the simple reason it is where most of our customers hang out at some point or other. In this session we work through the role of social media for your business and a content plan:

  • How you are using Social media
  • Are you getting results from social media
  • How you can get results from social media
  • How to have a bank of content ready for use at any time

You can use this session to help manage your current social media or to setup a sustainable social media plan. 


Advertising and Promotion

    These 3 sessions we are reporting on the promotion and seeing what is working and what is not:

  • What channels are working for you
  • What message seems to work best
  • What are we missing
  • Do you need to prepare for a webinar or review the lead magnet you have prepared - this is reviewed also in these sessions.
  • Setup anything that is needed to deliver value to those that now engage with you

    You’ll have the opportunity to report back to the group in a round table format. We want you to achieve results and you get to learn from others also. 

This Programme Is For You If...

  • Want your customers to notice you 
  • Want to get more customers 
  • Have a good product or service but not enough customers
  • You want to scale your business
  • You want to have fun in your business and with other business owners and managers

We are Kajsa & Edward

    Kajsa and Edward will lead this programme. 

We will also be joined by many of our Business Owner Members as well as Members of our Sales & Marketing Group. 

Kajsa with her many years experience as a Head of Marketing uses this experience to help small & medium size business. Her marketing and psychology training helps make these programmes better. 

Edward has launched many business and is the founder of Digital Scorecard. He works with helping customers develop their business with an eye for how to use Digital. 

Our focus is to enable you - not to take over. 

"Sales and Marketing are coming together to work with the same plan in a way that we have not done before. We have a better idea for of how we can work together!"

- Kenth Hallberg

"I have always looked at my business from my side and thinking this is so easy, why can't my prospects see that they need my product. Now I have started to look at my business much more from a customer perspective. They just want to find a solution to their problem so how do I help my prospects with that and make it easier for them to buy from me so I can help them solve their problem."

- Jason Heir

We have gotten a structure, we are pushed forward, and in parallel we have learned to see our business in a different perspective and we get help along the way."

- Gunnel Smedsted

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